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Celebrating our first ‘Gift of The Year’ win with ‘Pin and Ink’!

We are so delighted to share the news that our ‘Pin and Ink’ range of greeting cards have won ‘Gift of The Year’ in the ‘cards and wrap’ category for 2019

Our lovely 'Gift of the Year' award in the 'Cards and Wrap' category. Our winning range 'Pin and Ink' is in the background!

A ‘Pin and Ink’ card is a card and a gift in one as each colourful greeting card comes with a contemporary enamel pin badge with glittering heart.

A stunning birthday card and gift in one! This 'Pin and Ink' birthday card comes with a contemporary 'Birthday Girl' enamel pin badge with sparkly heart decoration.

Fun and on-trend phrases each contain a word or phrase that’s replaced by the pin badge giving a contemporary twist to attaching a badge to a greeting card.

A perfect little gift for that special friend who likes a gin or three!
What a lovely way to ask someone if they would be your Bridesmaid!
Beautifully made enamel and glitter pin badges to 'say it how it is!'

The pin badges say Birthday Girl, Gin Addict, Princess, Mermaid, Unicorn, Bestie, Selfie Queen, Diva, Fierce, Bridesmaid, Team Bride, I Do Crew, Bride, So Tired and Tired Mum with several phrases and card options for each badge.

Pin on your favourite jacket or much loved bag, pencil case or clutch bag and make a statement!

The award was collected by Marianne, one of our lovely Scottish agents and our wonderful designers Becky and Jo hold a card from the winning range 'Pin and Ink'